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One Million dead and counting

American columnist Helen Thomas publish an article " Bush turns on Iraq give columnist whiplash" December 27, 2005. I sent her a message started by saying "Greetings from Baghdad occupied Iraq!! Your whiplash is simple!! It is nearly breaking our necks!!" . I was very happy to get this reply from her "You are right on all scores -helent"

I was referring to the 1995 study commissioned by United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and published in the prestigious British Medical Journal BMJ. That study concluded that the deaths of more than 560000 children can be attributed to the UN's sanctions.US Ambassador Madeleine Albright said that the death of that many children is  the price is worth it !! see the video.

Gen. Tommy Franks, the top officer in the U.S. Central Command for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, summed up the American military's attitude when he told reporters during the Afghan campaign, "We don't do body counts.". This was meant prevent the world from knowing the true extent of the crimes committed by the occupying (US) forces in the occupied Iraq and Afghanistan.

The US appointed Minster of Health in Iraq prevented his statistics department from collecting or releasing casualty figures. It is not surprising he serve's his masters and handlers who brought him from outside Iraq on the back of American tanks. He will go back to America RICH and to hell with the Iraqi people.

Both the occupying power and its segregate "national government" Abdicated their responsibilities to prevent the death of  innocent Iraqi civilians and  actually keeping record of the casualties. It was left to academic community to carry out studies to estimate such figures.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health  published such a study in the peer reviewed British medical journal The Lancet.  TheKey points of the study include:

• Estimated 654,965 additional deaths in Iraq between March 2003 and July 2006

• Majority of the additional deaths (91.8 percent) caused by violence

• Males aged 15-44 years accounted for 59 percent of post-invasion violent deaths

• About half of the households surveyed were uncertain who was responsible for the death of a household member

• The proportion of deaths attributed to coalition forces diminished in 2006 to 26 percent. Between March 2003 and July 2006, households attributed 31 percent of deaths to the coalition

• Mortality data from the 2006 study reaffirms 2004 estimates by Hopkins researchers and mirrors upward trends measured by other organizations

Simply stated that is an average of 200000 (yes Two hundred thousand) Excess death per year!! That is double the excess death of 100000 found in 1991 -1995 UN FAO study.

The innocent people of Iraq did not stop dying after the July 2006 study. We continue to die because our health system is still crumbling, our water system is not functioning, water is not safe to dink, food is unaffordable, raw Sewage flowing in the streets,  security situation is still worse than it was before 2003 invasion      

Soon we are coming to July 2009 and it would be 3 years after that study was made. I guesstimate that another 400000-600000 would have died as a result of the conditions precipitated by the occupation of Iraq. Soon the excess death will exceed one million .How many of them are children ? GOD only knows. Yes America IN GOD WE TRUST, not in your government.

This is the message I sent to Helen Thomas 2005.

Dear Helen Thomas

Greetings from Baghdad occupied Iraq!! Your whiplash is simple!! It is nearly breaking our necks!!

I am sure that Bush is still not telling the Americans the truth!! It was not the " faulty intelligence" it is the "fabricated intelligence" that drove him to war. Joe Wilson's case is only one of them.

The US government had the money to pay for "defectors" to fabricate other stories of WMD that the US would then use as "intelligence" to justify the "liberation" of Iraq. Khudair Hamza, the father of the Iraqi Atom bomb !!!, and others are only few of examples of this Fabricated "intelligence".

Similarly today the pentagon is paying Iraqi "journalist" to publish articles written by the American military spin group telling the Iraqis of the "vapor" achievements in Iraq. US media will retranslate them back to English and will use these, paid for, advertisement, to claim that things are going very well in Iraq!!! 

The poor Americans will be fooled again into believing their own government "lies" this time again quoting Iraqi sources!!!

One of the biggest insults to human "intelligence" is his claim that "30,000 Iraqis, "more or less," as Bush put it, have been killed and thousands more wounded." The UNICEF study have suggested that nearly 500000 child under the age 5 have died from 9991-1996 from bad and deteriorating health, sanitary and food conditions due to the sanctions imposed on Iraq. That is an average of 100000 child under the ago of 5 a year!!!

With worse conditions now than, any time in the past, one could safely assume that at least 100000, if not more, child under 5 are dying every year of the "liberation"!!! That alone would mean nearly 300000 child in 3 years!! I know that will shocks the conscious of Americans but that is the fact that Mr. Bush doesn't want Americans to know. Mr. Bush is leaving the American people wondering aimlessly in the bush.

I could go on and on but, Helen, it is Christmas time and I do not want to spoil yours. I sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

Best regards,

Ghazwan Al-Mukhtar

Baghdad, occupied Iraq

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