Friday, April 10, 2009

Clear daylight robbery. The situation of the Iraqi oil industry

In Oct 2003 I posted the message bellow dealing with Halliburton import of oil to Iraq. I accused Halliburton of stealing our country blindly . Today I watched a testemony by an Iraqi oil expert confirming that the Iraqi people are being robbed right left and center for the last 6 years.

The situation of the Iraqi oil industry

Part 1 of "The situation of the Iraqi oil industry", by Faleh Al-Khayat, oil expert. This speech was a part of "Occupation Year 7: What future for Iraq?", a series of events organized by The BRussells Tribunal, and took place in the European Parliament, 18 March 2009, in Brussels.

Click here to see the testemony

ARMY, Halliburton Deny Iraq Fuel Price AllegationWashington Post, DC <<a href="">>
Dear Casi,

The price of gasoline in Iraq was and still is ID20 (1 US cent) for normal and ID50 (2.5 US cent) for supper gasoline per liter equivalent to about (5 US cents) and (12.5 US cents) per gallon. This price includes transportation and distribution cost.The occupation authorities are unable to have our refineries operating effectively which forced them to import gasoline from abroad.

Halliburton is importing gasoline to Iraq at a cost of about USD 1.60 per gallon. That is more than ten times the cost of the gasoline provided by the government that supposedly robbed the Iraqi people!

"KBR was paid $762.4 million as of Oct. 16 to purchase and distribute gasoline, as well as diesel fuel, kerosene and propane, according to the Corps of Engineers. Of that, $90 million was paid for with seized Iraqi assets and $600 million came from the Development Fund for Iraq, created in May by the U.N. Security Council to replace the oil-for-food program. The U.S. government, through funds appropriated by Congress, paid the remaining $72.4 million.". $690 million out of $762.4 million (90%) came from the Iraqi money that the US is spending to enrich Halliburton and others.

This is a clear daylight robbery

Best regards

Ghazwan Al-MukhtarBaghdad,
Occupied Iraq

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